Wednesday,20th January,2021

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1.Where can you arrange stag & hen weekends?
Anywhere in the UK

2.Do you do parties abroad?

3.What kind of packages do you do?
In Edinburgh , we can organise 2 Star, 3 Star, 4 Star accommodation.

4.Where in Edinburgh is the accommodation? Is it close to the city centre?
All accommodation is situated within a 1 mile radius of the city centre.

5. Where is the most popular place for stag and hen weekends?

6. Does the accommodation include breakfast?
Depending on what package you select.

7. What kind of activities do you organise?
Please see our list of activities.

8. Do you provide entry to nightclubs?

9. What are the hotel rooms like?
All hotel rooms are clean, and secure.

10. Do we get our own bathroom?
Depending on your choice of package.

11. Is it single or twin rooms?
Depending on your choice of package.

12. Can you arrange evening meals for us?

13. Can you provide us with transport?
Yes, we can provide you with phone numbers for bus and taxi companies.

14. What kind of nightclub do you send us to?
It depends on the requirements of each group.

15. Is the hotel close to
a) the airport?

Hotels are a 10 minute car journey from the airport.
b) train station?

16. Is the entry to the nightclub for just one of the nights?
Yes, but we can arrange passes for both nights if required.

17. What kind of deposit do I have to pay?
A deposit of £50 per head is payable on booking.

18. When is the outstanding amount due?
The outstanding amount must be paid 4 weeks prior to the event. Upon receipt of this, we will send out your confirmation and details etc.

19. What credit cards do you accept?
We accept all credit/debit cards except American Express.


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